Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Round the house

Tonight was "Family Movie Night." I've been DVRing Christmas shows off ABC Family like a madwoman so I had the sweet little idyllic notion that we'd watch one of those and have popcorn. It all went to crap, I tell you.

First, I made "Easy Soup". It's easy, and I think it's yummy. My children think it's battery acid. Dinnertime became misery and therefore at least one child lost popcorn privileges. Under normal circumstances, popcorn would be fine after not eating battery acid, but I NEED YOU ALL TO KNOW I'M NOT FUNCTIONING NORMALLY BECAUSE I JUST HAD MY MOTHER-IN-LAW HERE ALL WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

Next, hubby went upstairs and minutes later came down and (wrongly) announced to me that he just killed yet another scorpion in our house. My demeanor went to Hell. I've lost count now how many scorpions we've had - total - since moving here. But I DO know that this was number three since Thanksgiving. And, more significantly, this was the first one found upstairs. I could just scream. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid deadly creatures! I was thinking I was safe if I could just get upstairs. Not so. So, we sat down to watch a cheery little Christmas special - but Mommy was NOT happy. Glad I have this photo to show you. Originally I asked Kevin to get the camera because it was me and all four kids on the couch, which rarely happens, but then John got down by photo time. Still a good picture since now I'm blogging about my foul mood.

Turns out my choice for the Christmas show was a glaring dud. Anyone seen "Little Drummer Boy" from a million years ago? It even features the Vienna Boys Choir singing the title song, but we were all desperately annoyed after five minutes. Canned it and opted instead for a sequel to "Frosty the Snowman" where he marries a sweet snowwoman named Crystal. Much more fulfilling.

Minutes after the show ended, teeth were brushed, John was down and we all gathered like the perfect little family for prayer. Lasted 10 seconds before Bethanie had to be removed and I calmed her in her bed with an abbreviated Rosary and another installment of a cheesy story I started about a bunny named Apple-Dapple. Apple Dapple has equal footing with the Blessed Mother when it comes to soothing my three year-old.

Here are some photos of Bethie sporting her free haircut. (Thanks for asking to see, Suzie!) Good night to all - I'm off to laze on the couch with Kevin and NOT watch The Little Drummer Boy.

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