Friday, December 5, 2008

Can I tell you about my son?

Joseph turned eight years old today.

I love that little (big) guy. He's just not little these days.

But you don't need to read what I think of him, I'll just gush.

Instead, I'll make a list and hopefully it will tell you a little about him.

About Joseph on His Birthday:

He really looked forward to the party. He doesn't hop or skip around or get hyper. He simply starts notifying us when the party is "two hours away"; "eleven minutes away"; and "people should be here now!"

I'm pretty sure he loved all his gifts. But I'd wager his favorite was the remote control talking parrot. He'll get to the globe, the chemistry set, and the dartboard another day.

There was no parental influence on the guest list. He decided who to invite and it was a treat to see him enjoy his friends. Out of 15, 8 were girls, only 3 others were his age, and very few knew each other.

He went to sleep after reading two more chapters in "Double Fudge" which he has nearly memorized. His birthday balloons, parrot, and stuffed Santa from last Christmas were all close by.
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