Friday, December 26, 2008

Back Out There

For the past two days, it has been nice living in a cocoon of family, yummy meals, opening presents and playing with them, a new Nativity set and all the significance of it these days, no school and no work.

But tonight, one of our children (who shall remain nameless) was out of PullUps, so I ventured out into the dark and cold to pick up a pack at Target. Good thing I only took the money I needed to buy the necessary item, since half the store was fifty-percent-off. I might have gone crazy buying random pieces of Christmas plate sets. BOY there were a lot of people out there filling their carts with half-off Christmas items. I walked down the Christmas decor aisle and as I watched a woman loading a 3-pack of wrapping paper into her cart, I felt a little tired. We just completed that stuff! I don't know that I could bring myself to buy wrapping paper a whole year ahead right now. Granted, days before Christmas, I scored at Costco with a 950-pound roll of really pretty red and silver paper with whimsical "HO HO HOs" printed across it, so I'm not feeling desperate.

I left. I came home. A small uprising occurred when it was realized that I bought the wrong gender PullUps. Oops. Well, it was bound to happen - I was walking in a haze of clearance sales and shoppers who likely were there just two nights ago as well. Don't think I'm judging, I'm just glad the commercial craziness of the season is almost over. I want to stay home a while longer.
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