Monday, December 22, 2008

Eve Eve Eve of Christmas

I just got home from finishing my Christmas shopping. It was brutal. Most of it wasn't even MY shopping - I was buying presents for my kids with money from well-intentioned but lazy relatives. Next year, I think I'll tell them it's fine not to give anything if they don't want to do the dirty work themselves.

This all leads to the feeling of dread in my gut, since NOTHING is wrapped yet. Not one thing. Well, the gift I ordered online for my nieces and paid a little extra to have wrapped - but that hardly counts. Guess we all know what I'll be doing tomorrow night, huh?

In the midst of a still-long to-do list, we went to daily Mass today. That was good for refocusing, if only for half an hour.

What is everyone else doing these last few days before Christmas? If all your prep work is done, and you're sitting back enjoying some eggnog, or the glow of light from your tree, I envy you.

Off to visions of sugarplums.


mom2threepks said...

Oh, I wish I could come wrap presents with you! I love wrapping presents! Hang in there and go buy a lot of gift bags. I know they aren't on the fav things about Christmas list but they sure do the trick in a pinch. And get a new pair of scissors so you can slide through the wrapping paper easily.

Christine said...

We're sitting at my in-laws relaxing. It's very nice. I don't have much done - other than everything that needed to be done to come up here. We'll have another little Christmas for the kids when we get back, so I haven't done any wrapping yet. But it's just so less stressful to have John done with exams and home. Good luck with all your wrapping.

Diva Mom Vicki said...

I'm sitting at my computer. Next to me on the floor are a huge pile of presents that need to be wrapped.

I hate wrapping. Can't wait 'til the boys are old enough that I can just hand them a giftcard to their favorite electronics store.