Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Smidgens

Saturdays are always nice, and even MORE so when preceded by a holiday and two additional days off. Our entire family has slept in until 8:00 the past three days. Calling it heavenly isn't an exaggeration. A few little fun things going on:

-Santa left Stephenie Meyer's Twilight in my stocking. (He also brought Season One of "Get Smart" on DVD --- I love Santa!) Normally, I wouldn't pay much attention to a book with a plot like this, but my curiosity is piqued. Even if a hundred of my closest friends endorse a book about vampires, I have no interest. But when TWO hundred give it their thumbs-up, I gotta respond. With all the hype, I learned that the author is Mormon and this was her debut novel. She was a stay-at-home mom who hadn't read any books about vampires and cranked this thing out. I'm intrigued. I'm 102 pages in and I already know I'll be reading the whole series. I like that I've heard she "keeps it clean" as far as the romance --- now I'm just nervous to get to scary parts.

-Yesterday I spent two hours and put the much-delayed second coat of paint on my "brown wall project". It is complete and it looks magnificent. Listen to this snowball: I bought a little vinyl-letter phrase to put on my kitchen wall; I decided the wall would look better painted; a month or more of paint-chip analyzing and debate went by; finally, I painted in spurts of weekends and weeknights after the kids were in bed; then the curtains had to go (ask Josh Wilkinson); after tomorrow - it will all be complete. The whole shebang - paint, pricey paint brush, vinyl letters and new curtains and curtain rods was just barely over two hundred dollars. I feel like I could have my own budget decorating show on HGTV. Let's ignore the fact that this is a rental so it all might be for naught, but I am SICK AND TIRED OF WHITE WALLS SO IT WILL BE WORTH IT FOR WHATEVER TIME I HAVE EVEN IF WE MOVE!

-The Wii is a huge hit. We love it! I am terrible at it, but I have full confidence that I will improve. Joseph, Cayna, even Bethanie - are becoming expert bowlers, baseball players, and golfers. As a former video game UN-enthusiast, I have a way to go to understand the bright colors and bizarre characters of games like Mario Kart, but it is super fun to race against my husband - even when I lose. For the record, I was also horrible at Olympic ping-pong. And Dance Dance Revolution. I'll let you know how my skills evolve over the coming months.

-Anyone who has some words of wisdom or encouragement about dealing with extended family "issues" around the holidays - send 'em my way! I'm finding myself in a funk now that Christmas is past. Can any amount of therapy ever help me adjust my Norman Rockwell expectations to my "Arrested Development" reality? Not even "Arrested Development", because at least they're funny. Maybe New Year's will be better, right? Right, because even though New Year's is notorious for outta sight expectations, at least they don't involve family in my case.
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