Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back from my run.

Sitting here still sweating. David Crowder's "O Praise Him" on the iPod. I did NOT want to run this morning. It wasn't the fear of an unprepared-for half marathon that got me out, it was the 5 pieces of fudge I ate last night. Actually, I probably worked that off with my shopping, but in case there was still some residual sugar in my system, I just burnt it off. You don't want to start a day off with four kids at home on sugar highs of their own with a bloodstream full of fudge.

Out I went. Decided to do the downhill first, and it was poetry. Quite windy, but on the downhill it was at my back - that is some easy running. But, you might be ahead of me already in your calculating so I'm wasting type strokes telling you this - on the uphill I was heading right into the gusts. Ugh. Slog is the word for the day for the majority of my run. At least it was short. I have to keep going because I am officially signed up for the half marathon in a couple short months. I can't go for this the way I went for college papers - putting off the work until the night before. Maybe that will be another benefit of running in my life - chipping away at my procrastination habits.

The day begins. The fudge is burnt off, but I only have six hours of sleep behind me and nearly two million dollars worth of shopping to be wrapped. And I'd like to enjoy my children. Too much to ask? Better go pray. (And shower.)
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