Friday, December 12, 2008

Bits & Pieces

1) Cayna and Kevin went on a "date" last night. It was so sweet. He got her a corsage and everything. Cayna's dream date included a visit to the park, and her requirement for a restaurant was simply that it had to serve juice. Dessert was at Baskin-Robbins and a VERY happy little girl came home proud of her corsage, her balloon, and her blue mustache from the psychedelic ice cream flavor she picked.

2) Today I hit TWO grocery stores first thing in the morning with TWO kids. I later had TWO parent-teacher conferences and then welcomed TWO in-laws to my house for TWO days.
Bright spots in the day: a kind gentleman working in the produce section busted open a banana and handed it to John and Bethanie for a shopping snack. I coulda kissed the guy. BOTH conferences were easy-breezy. And the in-laws stayed home with the kids after we put them to bed so Kevin and I could go out and mattress shop! Thanks to the feedback on my mattress post, we tested out the TempurPedic and the Sleep Number. We're leaning toward the Sleep Number, but taking our time with the decision. I can tell you that everything I tested out felt SO much cozier than the giant slab of granite I'm currently sleeping on.

3) I cut Bethanie's hair today (because I just wasn't busy enough already!). I can't say it looks perfect, but when you're considering spending 3.2 million dollars on a new mattress, you gotta cut costs somewhere, right? Honestly, that little girl is so darn cute I could shave her bald and her smile would still melt hearts.

4) Tomorrow will be Official Effort Number Three for Kevin and I to run together. We've had two previous opportunities and both fell through. With his parents here, we're going to try again in the morning. So... the question is... will he run slow along with me and go further? Or run fast as usual and then I'll eventually catch up? Oh, and the OTHER question is... who will get to use the iPod? We don't have two!


mom2threepks said...

As one who ran with her husband quite frequently prior toinjury, I can tell you that when you run with your hubby in the name of quality time and all that hooha YOU DON"T USE THE IPOD! Just a thought...Have fun!

Rob said...

What's the problem?!? There are two ear buds. It'll just require some intense marital synchronization!

Christine said...

The date sounds adorable, and I can't wait to hear about your new bed. After we finally get settled we'll look into a new mattress - ours is over 30 years old.

Garden Gal said...

I've not heard much on the Sleep Number beds but when I was mattress searching awhile back I read on many review sites (regarding the memory foam pillows & mattresses) that there can be a smell issue / sensitivity as well as a heat issue.

I guess the mattress can get firmer when it's colder in the room, as well as "trapping" your body heat where you're lying, thus resulting in some serious night sweats...I think it's one of those mattresses that are considered "love it or hate it" with no in-betweens.

Just make sure you know what the return policy is!!

I'm still loving our Serta PefectSleeper Nightstar Elite (pillow top) that I bought over 5 years ago. Always a comfy night's sleep...when the kiddo let's me sleep, that is... :>

Beth said...

You had a full day! What a great produce guy, I would have been so thankful for that too.

I hope you finally got to run with Kevin. I think you forget about the ipod and enjoy eachothers company.

How fun for Cayna to go out the her daddy. What a special memory for her and Kevin.

Teri said...

All you women are very funny with all the reference to "quality time". Only Rob's guy perspective was right on - Kevin has NO desire to "chat" on a run. And honestly, I probably wouldn't be able to what with all the energy expended just keeping up with him. But... alas, it didn't happen anyway... WAY windy this morning and so we STILL have yet to run together.

littlecbsmom said...

I love the date night idea too! We have talked about trying to get our kids out separately but it hasn't happened!

Good to hear how things are going with all of you!

Let's see that haircut! Where is the picture???

Rachel said...

Kevin is such a great dad, and what a nice picture of the two of them.