Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Anyone out there love their mattress?

Consider this a mattress poll.

I want to hear if you love, hate, or feel indifferent toward your mattress. The more opinions and feedback I get, the better. And the more details you tell me about what type you have, the better I'll shop.

We have GOT to get a new mattress. I got a super firm mattress thinking that's what's best for an achy back. But it's just too firm and not cozy at all. But too soft and I'll be more than achy - it'll cause real pain. I've been asking strangers on the street, practically. Tell me about your beds, people!


Beth said...

Here is my little opinion/experience on the matter:

We bought a firm mattress 5 years ago when we bought our house and at the same time bought one of those foam memory toppers from Costco. I guess we were sort of making our own deluxe mattress. We slept like that for the first 3-4 years. Now we are sleeping without the topper and my back is better but it is not nearly as cozy. I have heard from a few people (mainly family members) that the sleep number is the way to go.

Let me now what you decide. Happy mattress shopping

Home Sweet Home said...

I have had the exact experience as Beth. Just ditched the memory foam topper after my surgery because it was hard for me to get up and we found we like our mattress better, but is still too hard. It is a lot of money to pay and not like, so buying a new one feels like gambling. I have a friend with the sleep number and she loves it!

Jen S said...

We bought a king tempurpedic. We got the cheaper (i.e. thinner) one which costs about the same as a REALLY nice regular mattress. LOVE. IT. Seriously. It took a few weeks to break it in and b/c it conforms to you, it works for everyone. Whenever we stayed at a motel if my back hurt, he slept great & vice versa. Also, you don't feel the other person move (or the kids). I've heard from friends that the toppers and/or generics are softer and not the same. I've also heard that the sleep number folks are terrible about their warranty, finding a way that you've voided it. My fear is always that it will leak & they won't fix that. No worries with ours--we've had it for 5+ years now & adore it.

littlecbsmom said...

We actually need one but don't know which way to go with back problems...soft or hard. Ours is over 10 years old and we have the topper on it and I love it. I think it is very comfortable. We looked at the tempurpedic but didn't buy. It is such an expensive thing, but I think they had a trial where we were looking at purchasing it???

Good luck! Keep us posted as the decision making and shopping unfold!

Janice said...

Hey Teri, We have a Supplepedic which is like a Tempurpedic, but cheaper. It is very comfy. My kids have the regular mattress thing with the costco topper, but it's just not the same. I like it and am happy with it. I don't like sleeping on the kid's beds though.