Saturday, December 13, 2008

Company Christmas Party

Off we go to Lake Las Vegas. I love company Christmas parties, and I hate company Christmas parties. I like watching the people in action who I hear stories about from Kevin. And I like to see what topics come up over cocktails and dinner. And you can't beat the door prizes (one year we won a DVD player). But I don't like walking through large resorts trying to find hidden ballrooms. And I'm not excited about spending lots of time on my hair when the winds are gale-force.

But enough pros and cons. How can you beat having an excuse to dress up and go out with your husband without the children once in a while? You can't. Plus... it's supposed to snow in Vegas tomorrow --- lots to look forward to tonight!

Here we are - 9 years of Carollo Christmas parties. I think I've worn black to more than half of them. Maternity dresses to a couple. But always with the same good-looking date. Cheers!

A photo of Cayna and me, too. While I was getting dressed and ready, she put on this too-small dress that belongs to Bethanie and then put her hair up on the same side I did. She REALLY wanted to come with us.
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