Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two Links

Because they are BOTH so worth the time, you gotta go watch these two clips - if not right now, then sometime! Follow the links below to the blogs of my friends Laura and Vicki.

If you do watch, PLEASE tell me what you think!

I cried listening to this one.

I laughed like crazy listening to this one (she posted two videos, it's the top one of the two).


mom2threepks said...

Just watched the first one. My coffee is a little salty now. I sure wish I lived closer to you!

Garden Gal said...

The first clip definitely made my heart yearn for friendships even more, especially not being close in location to the ones I hold most dear to my heart & all that we are missing out on together. But it also gave me hope that friendships are still to come & that I won't be on this "island" in my heart much longer.

The 2nd clip is definitely cool - I loved how beautiful the harmony was & how completely unpredictable it all sounded - loved it!